The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Robert Keit                                                                      Professor  Dominique Zino

English l62W                                                                 March 19,2011

In the Ernest Hemingway story The Snows of Kilimanjaro, the character, Harry, who is a writer, deals with an infection from a thorn puncture. He contemplates his life as a writer as he slowly and stubbornly dies and realizes that he wasn’t really good at his job and did not have a fulfilling life. He has flashbacks and thinks about his failed relationships and how he only lived for the moment. He thinks that he is rescued by a plane, but in reality, he’s dead.

Harry’s experience after death and while he is dying is similar to what Tuan says about time and space in the chapter Time in Experiential Space. When he says, “Subjectievely, however, space and time have lost their directional thrust under the influence of rhythmic sound”(Tuan 128).This is similar to when Harry has no more time,and no more space, because he is unable to move because of his wound and his life span is running out.

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