Robert Keit
May 4, 2011
English 162W
Professor Zino

In the essay, Walking by Henry David Thoreau, themes of civilization and wilderness is brought up. Nature is a main idea that Thoreau brings up throughout the essay. Tuan mentions in the epilogue about place and “Routine activity and standard performance do not require analytical thought” (Tuan 200).Thoreau brings up this idea when talking about walking and how it should be an enjoyed activity instead of how it’s usually treated without any thought. As Thoreau says “Half the walk is but retracing our steps. We should go forth on the shortest walk, perchance, in the spirit of undying adventure, never to return–prepared to send back our embalmed hearts only as relics to our desolate kingdoms” ( Thoreau 261).
In regarding wilderness and civilization, Thoreau tries to fund the middle ground between civilization and wilderness, “Let me live where I will, on this side is the city, on that the wilderness, and ever I am leaving the city more and more, and withdrawing into the wilderness” (Thoreau 268).He also tries to draw a connection between Greek and Christianity .By saying that the Greeks called the world “Beauty,or Order”(Thoreau 287),he explains how other cultures saw the world and draws parallels between his opinions and other historic explanations.

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